Practice makes perfect! Через тренировку к совершенству!

How does "Reward" Training Centre work?

Учебный центер РеводA project group of leading methodologists from FLC "Reward", which has been working to create the Reward’s Training Centre for a year, is happy to offer you new opportunities to perfect your language skills by creating a special internet area with additional training modules and to have quick connections with our teachers. Now you can log in our Training Centre and do various training exercises which help to improve your grammar and lexical skills on different topics. Our Training Centre is created especially for your convenience and it gives a chance for you to learn foreign languages more effectively.

We offer you a unique additional opportunity to develop your foreign language level consistently working towards perfection!

Учебный центер РеводThe set of training exercises (drills), we offer, is created for the five levels of foreign languages. Six complex drills are made for every level in accordance with the six months training course. This course covers the basic grammar and lexical material of every level. Specially created training exercises (drills) allow improving the usage of correspondent speech constructions and communicative usage of phrases. When doing such exercises you should try to be in time with the given pause of the natural speech flow. The correct answer, which follows the pause, allows you to check if your reaction is correct. We encourage you to practice the drills until you feel it has become natural.

Учебный центер РеводThe entire set of exercises has been recorded by professional teachers, native speakers, which gives a chance not only to train your grammar constructions and vocabulary, but also to improve the phonetics of your speech.

Apart from drills, special tests are created to check the results of your studies with our courses. You can pass these tests after the end of the first, the third and the sixth months of your studies during the lessons or online on our web-site. We are interested in the high results of our students and that is why we perform an internal audit that allows not only checking the results of your training but giving individual recommendations to every student for the further successes.

Our Training Centre gives a lot of opportunities for you to develop your skills in foreign languages and to have quick connections with our teachers. At any time you can:

  • Contact your teacher and ask him/her questions (to find out the home task, agree about the time for online consultation, etc.)
  • Do additional training exercises (drills)
  • Pass online tests and check the result of your training
  • Get individual recommendations concerning the training of your language skills
  • Exchange the information with other students of FLC “Reward”
  • Learn more about the previous, current and future projects of our center

We are happy to offer
you extra opportunities to perfect
your skills!

The more you practice, the better you speak!



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